Issue 119: The QuArc Issue

This special double issue in collaboration with Arc Poetry Magazine presents scientists and artists alike with a unique opportunity to observe what happens when two solid, award-winning magazines smash into each other like a pair of star-crossed atoms—and the charm and magic that live at the intersection of the arts and sciences. In flip-book style, this issue is literally two mags in one, containing two full-colour art features.

The piggy-backed other half of The QuArc issue comes as a gift to our subscribers, in appreciation of their support of new directions in Canadian writing and the writers who are shaping them. As with the TNQ Extra and Arc’s Annual, it’s a little bonus for subscribing—and in this case it is also your ticket to an exclusive reading experience.

Because this double issue is large enough to be shipped at "parcel rate," single issues of the Quarc issue are more expensive than usual. However, we can substitute the Quarc issue for the first issue of a new subscription upon request—just make a note at check-out.


The QuArc Issue

Where lit goes cosmic, atomic, microscopic: The poetics of code, plastics, oil, parasites, Pluto, and power saws.
+Christian Bök's star chart, Margaret Atwood's heroic ant.

Online exclusive:

Mindy Hung  Problem Set 5

Inside the magazine:

particle fictions

Erin Noteboom Bow Quarks: An Exegesis
      Why a Bride Wears White
Tanis MacDonald  Sestina: Whiskey Canyon
Mary Tilberg Truth
Nathalie Sorensen Firmaments: Charm
Pamela Porter Winged & Wind Quarks
Susan Telfer Quark Songs
Kathy Mac Elizabethan Fourposter

Valerie Compton Godwit
Anna Mioduchowska Quark Love Poems

Jill Jorgenson Charm
Carin Makuz (101 Words of) Truth (without the u)
Fern G. Z. Carr Charm
K.V. Skene What Matters, Matters
Morgan Wade Truth


Janine Rogers ‘A picture that hummed around my head’
Margaret Atwood Annie the Ant (with introduction by Jenine Rogers)
Bruce Taylor Little Animals
Monty Reid Three poems from Host
Elena E. Johnson Field Season
Patricia Young It began with the whiptail lizard
Bruce Taylor Life Science


Alice Munro On the Probability of Happiness
Robyn Sarah Scientist as Philosopher
Alice Major The Ultraviolet Catastrophe
Don Mckay The Holy Ground of Plate Techtonics
Susan Ioannou Rocks & Words
Joan Thomas with Anita Lahey On the woman who unearthed a plesiosaur
Danielle Devereux On Rachel Carson
P.K. Page and Margaret Cavendish Two poems on atoms
Jim Johnstone and Shane Neilson On poetics and scientific theory


Wayne Clifford Little Things Can Mean So Much
Erling Friis-Baastad Exoplanetary
Lesley Battler The poetics of big oil
Sean Howard Dissecting Nobel 158 physics lectures

free radicals

Colin Morton The Greats of Math
Dvora Levin Blind Date
Zachariah Wells Patchwork Panes
Adam Dickinson Index to Modern Plastics
Erin Knight Blind hope
Heather Cadsby Sunday Geometer

ova aves

Janine Rogers All That Is Made
Thaddeus Holownia & Harry Thurston Ova Aves
Gay Hansen An Egg is Miracle Enough

long fiction

Miranda Hill Rise: A Requiem


Robert Bean Obsolescence: a photo essay
David Pantalony Coincidence mixing in Inuvik (photos by Robert Bean)

science as metaphor

Monica Kidd Enamored by Chance
Ken Babstock Sugar Glider
Jeffery Donaldson The Evolution of Metaphor
David O’Meara Background Noise
Aradhana Choudhuri Code as poetry
Michael Lockett On Thrust and Momentum
Matthew Holmes The failing of purity
Adam Sol Dwarf

literature as experiment

Matthew Tierney Poems, Time Machines, & My Weak Energy Condition
     Four From The Ides
Christian Bök Phage ΦX174
Daniel Hudon Ten simple science experiments to test the universality of poetry

(science) fiction

Sean Michaels Conductors

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