Creative Nonfiction Submissions

This is the page to submit your creative nonfiction to The New Quarterly! TNQ has a range of nonfiction series that focus on the writing life: Day Jobs, In Conversation, On Writing, Soundings, The Writer at Large, Scatterings, and Word & Image. For most of these series, we solicit works from writers we know and love. If you have an essay that you think would be a perfect fit for one of these series, submit below, but don’t procrastinate as we can only accept 50 submissions per issue. There are no length restrictions, but please note that the longer the piece, the more we have to justify its appearance in the magazine. That said, we have published long poems, poem cycles, and novellas. We rarely publish pieces longer than 6000 words. More information can be found below.

If you are new to The New Quarterly, consider entering your nonfiction piece to the annual Edna Staebler Personal Essay Contest, where submissions of any length, on any subject matter, are considered for publication.

Publication Rates

  • Nonfiction – $275
  • Plus a complimentary copy and a special contributor subscription rate.

Regular Submission Formatting

  1. Online submissions must be in a single MS Word (.doc, .docx) or PDF format file.
  2. Title your submission in the following format: YourSurname_SubmissionTitle (i.e. Bala_Butter-Tea-at-Starbucks).
  3. You must include a cover letter with your submission. Include your cover letter as the first page of your submission.
  4. Nonfiction must be double spaced.
  5. Include a word count at the end of your work.
  6. Include page numbers.
  7. Include your name on every page.
  8. We will accept one piece per author, per genre, per calendar year. Contest submissions do not count towards this total.
  9. We will accept no more than one piece of nonfiction per submission.
  10. Do not include footnotes or Works Cited in your submission. If notes or references are central to your project, try to sort out attribution issues before submitting, or in conversation with TNQ editors.


We have currently reached our cap for Nonfiction submissions (both online and mail-in). Please check back at the beginning of our next submission period.

A reminder of our Reading Cycles:

The New Quarterly holds two annual reading periods for each genre. Submissions sent between March 1st and August 31st will receive a response around late January. Submissions sent between September 1st and February 28th will receive a response around late August.