Fuelling Tomorrow’s Literary Voices

TNQ, like many other organizations, continues to evolve and adjust to our ever-changing environment. One of those adjustments has been an increase in our writer fees to meet the cost of living and appropriate payment for writers’ work. That’s why we are launching the Emerging Writers Fund, which will help us amplify more voices and remove some of the barriers to tell the stories that need to be told.

And we need your help to make it happen!

When you become a TNQ donor, you provide stable and reliable funding to all emerging writers in Canada.

As a non-profit literary institution, very little of The New Quarterly’s income is derived from selling magazine subscriptions; no magazine can sell for what it costs to produce. Commercial magazines make up the difference by selling advertising; not-for-profits like us do it by keeping overhead costs low and with the help of government grants and the generous support of donors.

Why donate to TNQ?

Because your generosity will help...

Offer mentorship programs; coaching, guidance, writing workshops

Publish the best of new and emerging CanLit!

Connect with the Canadian writing community.

Lower the barriers of rising costs & inflation

An emerging writer will thank you.

We respond to hundreds of manuscripts each year. Our editors take the time to provide detailed feedback to writers who show promise (whether we publish their work or not), because we care about the future of CanLit. We want to see Canada’s literary culture flourish and grow.

100% of the writing we publish at The New Quarterly is Canadian. All our writers either reside in Canada or are citizens living abroad.