#Winter 20093

Issue 109

FOR SOME UNKNOWN REASON AND ANYHOW: Anne Fleming, Robyn Sarah, and Dave Margoshes catch the imagination hard at work, generating new stories & poems.

Edna Staebler Award

Falling in Love with Poetry

Magazine as Muse

Fiction: Anne Fleming


Fiction: Dave Margoshes


#Other Issues3

Issue 108

ASSORTED PEDESTRIANS: in which Andreae Prozesky makes good with poetry, Diane Schoemperlen takes a night flight, Heather Cadsby delivers a manifesto, and Terry Griggs decants some Joie de Viv.

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Issue 110

LAST POEMS: in which Elizabeth Hay evokes love and loss in the stifling heat of a Brooklyn summer and we bear witness to the death of a child at the hands of children

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