Jesse Matas’ Writing Space

It’s important to mix it up. Sometimes I write in the lake. Sometimes I write on the Oaxacan coast with chickens on my hat. It’s important to try things. I like typewriters. Sometimes I write on a typewriter, in a car, on the highway of tears. Sometimes I write at a desk. Sometimes it’s important […]

What’s Emily Urquhart Reading?

Last week, someone asked me what I’d been reading lately. As I combed through a mental catalogue of literature I’d recently enjoyed, I realized that I’d actually listened to, rather than sight-read, the works I’d consumed over the past few weeks. This is a marked change from, say, ten years ago when I sight-read everything. […]

Brent van Staalduinen’s Writing Space

“less clutter is good for the creative soul” Where it is: My office is in the basement immediately under the master bedroom. This could be problematic when combined with my 5am starts because of our thin floors and my wife enjoying her sleep, but is actually perfect because I prefer to create in silence. It […]

Brent van Staalduinen in

What’s Tanis MacDonald Reading?

Memoir/essays Bukowski in a Sundress – Kim Addonizio I read a lot of memoirs about the writing life when I was preparing to write Out of Line, but I found Addonizio’s riotous beauty of a book only last week where I find everything good: on the shelves at Jeff Kirby’s poetry store knife/fork/book in Kensington […]

Sandra Cunha’s Writing Space

“miscellaneous paperwork and odds-and-ends” This photo shows my current writing space, but it’ll be changing soon, as I’m moving once again. If you’re wondering if my desk is always this tidy, the answer is no. I usually have some miscellaneous paperwork and odds-and-ends on it that are unrelated to my writing. But it’s never messy. […]

What’s Rob Taylor Reading?

I recently finished reading Correspondent by Dominique Bernier-Cormier (Goose Lane, 2018), which is a fascinating first book. It’s autobiographical, recounting the author’s adolescence – as one usually expects from first poetry collections – but it does so slantwise. Bernier-Cormier refers to his upbringing in hints and flashes around the larger political events which dominated the news, and […]

Meaghan Rondeau’s Writing Space

“collages of sometimes contradictory parts” I live in a tiny one-bedroom on the second (second-and-a-half, really) floor of a heritage house built in 1902, in a neighbourhood full of big old trees and other big old houses, many of which, like mine, have been reverse-Tetris’d into a handful of self-contained suites. I was trying to […]

Katie Zdybel’s Writing Space

“trying to write everywhere, anytime” I live in a very small house in the Yukon with my husband, two children, and dog. There are two bedrooms, each just slightly bigger than a station wagon. We affectionately call one of these rooms the Swiss Army Knife Room. It has a Murphy bed, a clothes rack on […]

Catherine Malvern’s Writing Space

“a Virginia Woolf room of my own” I am fortunate to have a writing room – a Virginia Woolf room of my own – three floors up in the attic of our old arts and crafts home. The houses on our street are very close together, so although I have the luxury of windows that […]

“Great Minds”: An Interview with Jeff Dillon, Fine Arts

The New Quarterly’s Fall 2018 Issue (#148) features Jeff Dillon’s “#65 – Great Minds” on the cover. The painting beautifully depicts Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland. Our Editor, Pamela Mulloy, was struck by Dillon’s use of colour and was compelled to use this image for our upcoming issue. The stunning piece fits perfectly with the […]

Jen Collins with Jeff Dillon in