What’s Alex Mackay Reading?

I am not imaginative, unfortunately. Neither creative nor inventive. Begrudgingly infertile with ideas. I envy the writer who wastes ideas like the autumn maple wastes leaves. Perhaps ideas are like anything else; they take practice. But perhaps too, I am not willing to put in the effort. You see, what I read, what inspires me […]

Julie Paul’s Writing Space

My writing space changes from day to day, just like what I eat for breakfast: routine is not my default. When it’s nice outside, I often take my notebook and/or laptop out, even if it means squinting at the screen. The historical, parental voice in my head that tells me to “get outside and play” […]

What is Glenna Anne Turnbull Reading?

I don’t think my grandfather knew he was creating an addict when he plunked a copy of Anne of Green Gables into my seven-year-old hands, but by the time I’d sounded my way through the pages, one word at a time, I was hooked on literature. And now, like any good addict, I have stashes […]

What is Robby MacPhail Reading?

I usually have several books in progress at any given time. The result is a pile of half-finished paperbacks on my bedside table. My wife periodically removes this pile, places the books into a drawer. She hates clutter. Afterwards, I come behind her and take them back out. I also hate clutter, but we disagree on the word’s definition. She […]

In Conversation with 2018 Peter Hinchcliffe Award Winner Katie Zdybel

Katie Zdybel was the winner of the 2018 Peter Hinchcliffe Fiction Award for her story “The Last Thunderstorm Swim of the Summer” a coming of age story where a teen struggles with her late-blooming sexuality, feeling the weight of the cozy and perhaps stifling upbringing by her single mum, an academic who was more concerned […]

Pamela Mulloy with Katie Zdybel in

Finding the Form with Marilo Nunez

Welcome to the latest installation of “Finding the Form.” In this new series, contributors share how they found and developed the creative form for their recent work in The New Quarterly. You can find Marilo Nunez’s “We All Want to Change the World” in Issue 150. I am a new short story writer. I am […]

What is Richard A. Johnson Reading?

Horizon by Barry Lopez (Random House Canada, 2019) Few books have harnessed my insatiable wanderlust and stimulated my consciousness of the natural world as much as Lopez’s 1986 masterpiece, Arctic Dreams. And certainly no writer has so eloquently placed me at the distant edge of a wild place I had never visited and made me feel […]

What is Moneesha R. Kalamder Reading?

Reading Rumi: Selected Poems, translated by Coleman Banks I’m currently reading a translation of the work by the Persian poet Rumi. Jelaluddin Rumi was a 13th century mystic and an islamic scholar. His poetry speaks of love, passion, spirituality, and being human. I was raised in the islamic faith myself, regularly observing daily rituals but […]

What is Sadiqa de Meijer Reading?

Welcome to the latest instalment of "Who's Reading What." In this series, contributors to The New Quarterly share their reading list and recommendations. You can find Sadiqa de Meijer's "True Places" in Issue 150.  I'm reading a book right now that was written by a 6-year-old in Oregon in the early twentieth century. I’ve never read […]

Sadiqa de Meijer in

The New Quarterly Nominated for Five Literary Awards

It was announced in early May that The New Quarterly earned five nominations at this year’s National Magazine Awards. Nominations included two in Poetry, two in Personal Journalism, and one in Fiction. The competition was strong as more than 185 Canadian print and digital magazines put forth submissions in both official languages. In the twenty […]