Carrie Snyder’s Writing Space

Writing Spaces My word for the year is SPACE. In choosing it, I’ve been thinking conceptually, holding in my mind the idea of space as time, a luxurious clean openness into which I might step, spreading out thoughts and dreams and words with enough room to really look at and enjoy the creation of something […]

What’s Adan Jerreat-Poole Reading?

Who’s Reading What? Right now I am reading How Long ‘Til Black Future Month? by N.K. Jemisin. As a teenager I loved getting lost in science fiction and fantasy worlds, but as a young queer woman (and later nonbinary person) and aspiring feminist, I quickly grew tired of the racist and sexist hero journeys in […]

Valerie Compton’s Writing Space

Writing Spaces I am fortunate to have a peaceful home office with plenty of natural light, a broad desk and comfortable chair, a filing cabinet, and shelves of books. I do a lot of editing in my office, and it serves as a home base for my fiction projects. But I don’t write there. Perhaps […]

Launched: Late Breaking by K.D. Miller

Welcome to Launched! The Launched series focuses on new Canadian books by Canadian authors.

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What is Lisa Alward Reading?

I’m about a third of the way through the 2018 edition of The O. Henry Prize Stories. I love short story anthologies and the O. Henry is my favourite, so I always make sure it turns up in my Christmas stocking. Not only are the stories consistently wonderful but the story of the series itself […]

Nathan Mader’s Writing Space

“OUT—IN” I have two writing spaces: OUT and IN. OUT is on the subway, walking the streets or in the woods, riding my bicycle, wandering museums, grocery shopping. OUT is any public space where the mind wants to swerve towards subconscious intuitions surrounding images, ideas, and imaginings searching for an unknown coherence. Poetry at its […]

Aviva Martin’s Writing Space

Writing Spaces Mostly I write lying down, my laptop unfolded, keyboard on my torso, the screen against the cushions that lean against my thighs. My head and neck are supported by a pillow so I can see both keyboard and screen. I’ve haven’t learned touch typing. Yet. I have a desk—a beautiful, metal, three-tiered, Ikea […]

Terry Watada’s Writing Space

Writing Spaces I’m too embarrassed to send a photo or a video. The space is too messy. I love that it’s in the basement office (created by former house owners). It’s away from family activity, yet not so isolated, since just up the stairs is the kitchen (for the coffee) and there is a second […]

Adan Jerreat-Poole’s Writing Space

Writing Spaces In the fall I had to move out of my Hamilton apartment because of a cockroach infestation (the glamorous life of a grad student and aspiring writer). Since then, I’ve been geographically unstable, moving between cities and rooms and comforters, home-making with a few favourite books, a miniature of Sadness from Inside Out, […]

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What is Scott Armstrong Reading?

Who’s Reading What? Every year I try to re-read a Charles Bukowski book and one of his poetry collections. Currently, I am going through an early short story collection, South of No North. He is a master in brevity, and his stories are raw, dirty, and funny in a very human way. His poetry holds […]