In Aquarium, the child suspended among the sea life is neither a resident nor a visitor. His diver’s helmet connects him to another world through the life supplying cord weaving through the seaweed, but his faceplate is open as he’s not reliant upon the oxygen. He drifts in comfortable repose among the daunting alien life around him, seemingly unconcerned, and invisible to the dangers at hand. Russian-born Canadian illustrator, Anna Bron, is heavily influenced by Eastern art and ornament. Her work features intriguing and sometimes mythical characters in peculiar environments. Spanning animation, design, comics, and children’s illustration, Anna strives to bring a sense of motion and personality into all her work. She is particularly interested in narrative and likes to explore it through the different mediums of illustration, animation, and sequential art. She holds a deep fascination for subjects and art of the ancient world and the Middle Ages. Anna is a regular contributor to Australia’s The School Magazine where she illustrates children’s stories and poems. She divides her time between Toronto and Vancouver. Anna can be contacted through her website

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