The 2022 Nick Blatchford Occasional Verse Contest Longlist

The New Quarterly is pleased to announce the longlist for the 2022 Nick Blatchford Occasional Verse Contest!

The longlisted poets and their poems are as follows:

2022 Nick Blatchford Occasional Verse Contest Longlist

♦ “January 27, 2022” by Denise Blinn

♦ “Birth Crasher” by Leesa Dean

♦ “Rebellion Box” by Hollay Ghadery

♦ “Testimony, March 3 2011” and “Mother’s Day, Kigeme Refugee camp” by Anne Hopkinson

♦ “Bone November” by Sandra Kasturi

♦ “On Your Adult Baptism, for Luke” by Tom Konyndyk

♦ “Tours” by Annick MacAskill

♦ “Snug Harbour” by Bruce Madole

♦ “Fugue” by Callista Markotich

♦ “On Seeing the Ice Tongs at the Billings Estate” by Karen Massey

♦ “Kintsugi, The Golden Repair” by Colin Morton

♦ “Agincourt, 1415” by Finley Mullally

♦ “The Banksy of Sonnets” by Heidi von Palleske

♦ “Three Feelings Walk Into a Bar” by Kerrie Penney

♦ “She sits down to write the history of rain and suddenly the wild fall into order” and “Between worlds” by Pamela Porter

♦ “Dwelling” by Hannah Senicar

♦ “The Body Translates an Old Story” by Grace Vermeer

♦ “Ancestors” by Susan Vernon

♦ “It Was a Beautiful Day in Prospect Park” and “Intersection” by Myna Wallin

♦ “Adept” by Elana Wolff

♦ “Black Angus” by Terence Young