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Option B: Self-Guided Retreat

Consulting with Editors

Please note: enrollment in this option is limited to 4 writers only.

The Self-Guided Retreat option allows you to focus on your project then consult, one-on-one, with an editor when you’re ready for guidance and perspective. With this option, you will still enjoy the Lodge’s warm, immersive environment; you will not be obligated to sign up for group work.

If you choose this option, you will be directed to one of two editors: Pamela Mulloy, for fiction, or Susan Scott, for nonfiction.

Please plan to correspond with that editor in advance of the retreat to discuss a work plan. Your editor will need time to read your work well before May approaches, so you can have productive conversations when you finally meet in person.

This Self-Guided Retreat is ideal for those who want more writing time (rather than instruction) coupled with a fresh perspective on their fiction or memoir. Suitable for seasoned writers or for those new to the writing community who want to learn how to get the most out of working with an editor.

Note: If you choose this option, you are also welcome to attend the Writer’s Craft Workshops as well as talks and panels with our Special Guests. Your time is your own; make the most of it!

See the Retreat Schedule for a general overview of the week’s layout.


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