The X Page: A Storytelling Workshop



Gravity by Lindsey Carter

The Avocado Tree by Peggy Plet

My Cake Lesson by Tamara Cooper

Labour of Love by Jie Chen

Twenty Scones by Thoko Hanjahanja-Phiri

The Delicious Jam by Abeer Shamiea

The Virgin by Anandi Carroll-Woolery

Being Rescued by Cecilia Vizcaíno

Between Two Houses by Leila Safari

The Talking Tree by Barbra Yeko


My Super Hero by Cynara Li

An English Guy by Lina Alsafi

Les lunettes de Papa by Laetitia Dongmo

Pardon My French by Hiba ElMiari

Socks by Wafa Agha

The Christmas Goat by Scilla Owusu-Amoah

Late Night Cake by Reema

Little Things by Leman Koca

Bundle of Love by Aleya Hassan

A Bouquet of Flowers from God by Zohreh

Nunca más (Never Again) by Cecilia Vizcaino

The Key Story by Margit

My Education by Maya Baltagi

The Factory by Mandy Bao-Phuong Lam

Nona, Nona by Nazmi Elkawash

Labour Day by Batoul Kharbutli


Introducing The X Page Workshop: Stories in Transit

Pant Rant by Xiao Xue

The Virgin by Anandi Carroll-Woolery

The Partition Jewels by Zehra Nawab

The Bead by Rozina Shaheen

Mommy’s Phobia: A Night of Terror and Fear by Anbrin Syeda

A Bundle of Wheat by Ekram Momani

Bus Trip by Kareen Atejoh

Crayons by Swati Swoboda

The Suitcase by Basima Marhoon

Packing an Identity by Priscilla Costandi

Airport Birds by Filiz Tamer

The Stranger by Johanna Jamnik

Me and My Father by Ellaha Saroosh

Never saw the sun shining so bright… by Jasmina Simic

Together Again by Ghadeer Albattarni

The Lut Desert by Maryam Rafiee

Wedding Week Chaos by Sadaf Shafiq

Seaview | سی ویو by Faryal Diwan | فریال دیوان

Coat of Many Colours by Preye Aduwari