What is Ian Roy Reading?

In the early days of the pandemic, back when everyone was baking bread and doing puzzles, a friend on social media tagged me in one of those ‘name-ten-books-that-changed-your-life’ posts. I usually ignore these things because they make me anxious. Just ten? Changed my life how? And they usually instruct one to simply post the cover […]

Exorcism and Catharsis: Finding the Form with Tanya Bellehumeur-Allatt

I knew from the start that “Terrorist Mythologies” needed to be a personal essay weaving together various narratives in what I think of as a braided structure.  I’m haunted by the Sabra and Shatila Massacre and have written about it from many different angles. This time, I wanted to juxtapose my own experience as a […]

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What is Anne Marie Todkill Reading?

My husband asks whether the fluctuating contents of a stack of books in the living room could be dispersed to their rightful positions, organized by genre, subject, author, and editor, in our various bookcases. Nope, I reply. Hands off. I’ll lose track of them. My anxiety is that my intention to read, or finish reading, […]

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Mia Anderson’s Writing Space

It looks from photo #1 as if you’ve spent the night in the attic spare room, and you’re on your way down the colimaçon stairs to see if I’m at work at my desk, perched on my stool. You look down and you can see ‘my space’, the main space where poetry happens, but I must be […]

What is Chase Everett McMurren Reading?

Some years back, I learned about the word “tsundoku” in Ella Frances Sanders’s Lost in Translation. Tsundoku is a Japanese noun describing a pile of unread books. For you, I’ll share handful of partially read, or while-ago read, or up-next books. I currently have six-and-a-half tsundoku surrounding my pandemic-chair (where I meet people virtually for sessions). Here […]

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Finding the Form with Becky Blake

My essay “Scratch” actually began as two essays. One was about obsessing over cougar attacks while I was on a writing retreat in Banff. The other was about losing my apartment in Toronto and deciding to live without a home base for a while. I had written multiple drafts of each, but when I was […]

Ian Roy’s Writing Space

I’m an itinerant writer, insomuch that I move around the house from place to place, like a cat seeking those sunny spots on winter afternoons. Though what I’m seeking is a quiet, out-of-the-way place where I can work. In the spring and summer, I usually convert our uninsulated back porch into a writing space. I […]

Finding the Form with Heather Debling

“Count Your Blessings” started as most of my short stories do. After the initial flush of the idea and writing out the first few hurried, blurry pages, I stopped and focused on structure. I wrote down scene ideas, figured out the arc, tried to make sure it was a thing, a logical, solid, sound thing, […]

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Journeys: What is Tanya Bellehumeur-Allatt Reading?

I’m a picky reader. I read as much for character as for plot. I have a passion for narrative, but I read only literary novels and non-fiction. I love a finely crafted phrase where every word has earned its place. Geraldine Brooks gives me all these things. This fall, I’m reading People of the Book […]

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Finding The Form with Jessica Block

When I first started working on Garden Man, I was trying hard not to write a story at all. I’d been going through a difficult period with my writing and had disconnected from the pleasure of the act itself. Each time I sat down to write Garden Man, I told myself this was not a […]