Launched: The Amateurs by Liz Harmer

Welcome to Launched! The Launched series focuses on new Canadian books by Canadian authors.

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What’s Sarah Totten Reading?

Reading: Piazza, Jo. If Nuns Ruled the World: Ten Sisters on a Mission. Open Road Media, 2014. Since my day job involves reading non-fiction, a non-fiction book has to be very unusual to entice me to read it in my free time. Each of the ten chapters in this book features a different nun’s life […]

What is Terry Watada Reading?

Who’s Reading What? I am reading, every chance I get, “Killing Commendatore” by Haruki Murakami. It’s a long book (over 600 pages) and really heavy in weight – too hard to read in bed as a result. My wife and I noticed a few novels ago that the settings, incidents and characters in his writing […]

Outside the Comfort Zone: On Creative Community

Introduction Tanis MacDonald When I was writing my memoir-in-essays, Out of Line: Daring to Be an Artist Outside the Big City, I searched for ways to describe creative community: its joys and pitfalls, its strengths and scarcities, and maybe most importantly, how to recognize it. I took time with these descriptions because many beginner writers […]

Tanis MacDonald, Milas Hewson, Tyra Forde, Emma Davis, and María Antonella Menta Fernández in

Seen, Unseen: An Interview with Meaghan Rondeau

 “To never be seen. To be unseeable, to not occupy physical space, to be present only as absence. To nonexist. That was the fantasy, although I didn’t articulate it to myself in those terms then.” Meaghan Rondeau, “Half-Thing”   TNQ’s 2018 Edna Staebler Personal Essay Contest winner is BC writer Meaghan Rondeau, for her remarkable […]


What is Fiona Lam Reading?

Who's Reading What? I'm currently re-reading a number of Ellen Bass' fabulous poems in Like a Beggar (Copper Canyon Press, 2014) and Evelyn Lau's lyrical gems in Tumour (Oolichan, 2016), while dipping into W. S. Merwin's Selected Translations (Copper Canyon, 2013). I especially love his terse, concise translations of Malay, Korean, Japanese and Chinese figures, […]

Bernadette Rule’s Writing Space

Writing Spaces As you will be able to deduce by the telephone in my study, I have no social media handles.  My friend and fellow writer, BD Ferguson, always asks whether we’re waiting for a call from the Kremlin when she sees my “Cold War phone”. My study was carved from a small room behind […]

What’s David Yerex Williamson Reading?

Over the Christmas break, I read This Wound is a World by Billy Ray Belcourt. Belcourt’s intense collection of poetry about love, loss, politics of race and gender won the 2018 Griffin Prize and the 2017 Best book of Poetry by CBC. Despite these accolades, it wasn’t until I attended the Voices in the Circle […]

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What’s Jenny Boychuk Reading?

My 2019 resolution was to read more books. While I’ve always been a steady and consistent reader, I had stacks of unread books piling up (I buy them faster than I can read them—hopefully others can relate) and the sight of them was stressing me out. So, I decided to craft a 2019 Reading List, […]

Carrie Snyder’s Writing Space

Writing Spaces My word for the year is SPACE. In choosing it, I’ve been thinking conceptually, holding in my mind the idea of space as time, a luxurious clean openness into which I might step, spreading out thoughts and dreams and words with enough room to really look at and enjoy the creation of something […]