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The Writer’s Corner

Sarah Totton’s Writing Space

Writing Spaces In my last apartment, I would write in a tie-dyed beanbag chair on the floor or in a wooden-backed chair at my desk (the same desk in the photograph).

Mohamad Kebbewar’s Writing Space

Writing Spaces When I lived in Vancouver and Calgary I used to write in coffee shops because I find white noise to be very inspiring. I’m now in Aleppo for a couple of months visiting my parents and witnessing the destruction of the old city. I write in my office because writing in coffee shops […]

Jenny Boychuk’s Writing Space

Writing Spaces When my mother passed away suddenly a few years ago, I was just finishing a post-graduate fellowship at the University of Michigan, where I’d completed my MFA. I had no idea what I was going to do next, so I thought I’d go home to Blind Bay, B.C. and spend the summer with […]