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The Writer’s Corner

What is Glenna Anne Turnbull Reading?

I don’t think my grandfather knew he was creating an addict when he plunked a copy of Anne of Green Gables into my seven-year-old hands, but by the time I’d sounded my way through the pages, one word at a time, I was hooked on literature. And now, like any good addict, I have stashes […]

What is Robby MacPhail Reading?

I usually have several books in progress at any given time. The result is a pile of half-finished paperbacks on my bedside table. My wife periodically removes this pile, places the books into a drawer. She hates clutter. Afterwards, I come behind her and take them back out. I also hate clutter, but we disagree on the word’s definition. She […]

In Conversation with 2018 Peter Hinchcliffe Award Winner Katie Zdybel

Katie Zdybel was the winner of the 2018 Peter Hinchcliffe Fiction Award for her story “The Last Thunderstorm Swim of the Summer” a coming of age story where a teen struggles with her late-blooming sexuality, feeling the weight of the cozy and perhaps stifling upbringing by her single mum, an academic who was more concerned […]

Pamela Mulloy with Katie Zdybel in