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Wedding Week Chaos

Wedding Week Chaos by Sadaf Shafiq “ As the man drove through a small and quiet street, my aunt whispered that something was wrong. Sadaf Shafiq After five years away, I was back in Pakistan to attend my brother’s wedding. It was an exciting and long trip. The house was beautifully decorated with golden lights; […]

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The Lut Desert

the lut desert by maryam rafiee “ For one five-hour stretch, there were almost no signs of civilization—no gas stations, no restaurants, no tea houses, nothing. It was just me, my parents, my brother and the desert. Maryam Rafiee I grew up in the 80s and 90s in Iran. My parents’ travel methods were basically […]

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Together Again

Together again by Ghadeer Albattarni “ With lightning speed and without thinking she answered me: “Mama, my head is sick but not my tongue!” I laughed from my heart. Ghadeer Albattarni I am in a big black car heading from Pearson Airport to Kitchener. It’s 1:00 am. The snow outside looks bright and shiny. It […]

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