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Bernadette Rule’s Writing Space

Writing Spaces As you will be able to deduce by the telephone in my study, I have no social media handles.  My friend and fellow writer, BD Ferguson, always asks whether we’re waiting for a call from the Kremlin when she sees my “Cold War phone”. My study was carved from a small room behind […]

What’s David Yerex Williamson Reading?

Over the Christmas break, I read This Wound is a World by Billy Ray Belcourt. Belcourt’s intense collection of poetry about love, loss, politics of race and gender won the 2018 Griffin Prize and the 2017 Best book of Poetry by CBC. Despite these accolades, it wasn’t until I attended the Voices in the Circle […]

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What’s Jenny Boychuk Reading?

My 2019 resolution was to read more books. While I’ve always been a steady and consistent reader, I had stacks of unread books piling up (I buy them faster than I can read them—hopefully others can relate) and the sight of them was stressing me out. So, I decided to craft a 2019 Reading List, […]