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The Writer’s Corner

Marilyn Gear Pilling’s Writing Space

Intense colour has been a primary pleasure of my life. When the children left home, I turned the dining room, which has doors, into a space for myself. One wall a pure darkish-blue, the opposite wall, tomato red. Above the plate rack, Mayan gold. A large vase of flowers that picks up those colours. An […]

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What is Meg Todd Reading?

Just before book stores and the like closed due to Covid19, I paid $6.00 for The Sound and the Fury in the second-hand bookshop up the road. “Have fun with that,” the shopkeeper said. One is never sure which way to take her words. I once brought in four boxes of used books and she […]

Nicholas Bradley’s Writing Space

My desk is uncharacteristically tidy these days because my writing space has become my Zoom “studio.” Normally the stacks of books would be taller, the pile of papers overgrown, but this corner of the basement is now, in the time of the pandemic, my virtual teaching space. I’m fortunate to have it, and grateful. The […]

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