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The Writer’s Corner

Where I Write.

“My first published story was written on our dining room table with my sons playing noisy war games around my feet.” I am a peripatetic writer: I have no one special writing space where functional fixedness reduces distraction. Instead, I have several but they all resemble each other: all present a large surface—I’m an inveterate […]

What is Marilo Nuñez Reading?

“I seem to be reading a lot of books about craft and creation of work lately, which is always the case when I am in the middle of a writing project.” I’m currently reading a few things. I don’t think I have the time to just focus on one book at a time, nowadays! Signs […]

Virginia Boudreau’s Writing Space

“I’m grateful for this hallowed spot that has inspired and contained so many pleasurable hours of wordplay and growing into the writer I’ve always wanted to become.” I wish I had “a room of one’s own” but for now, my preferred writing space is a shared one. I have it all to myself first thing […]