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The Writer’s Corner

What’s Mahak Jain Reading?

“It’s not possible, in the audiobook format, to get caught up in the words or language because there’s no space to reflect on or ponder them.” I have always resisted audiobooks. I am able to read faster than the speed of audiobooks, so the latter never seemed efficient. I also become easily distracted and daydream […]

What is Marcia Walker Reading?

“I had not read Madame Bovary in twenty years and returning to it left a very different impression on me. I was less interested in the type of woman Emma Bovary was or whether I related to her. It was the world of the novel that took my attention.” I’m a huge Deborah Levy fan […]

gillian harding-russell’s Writing Space

“Over the computer on my desk, an owl ingeniously sculptured out of a piece of driftwood by my brother-in-law (artist Jamie Russell) sways over my head to keep me wise.” Although when I am travelling, I will work anywhere – in a coffee house or on a hotel bed with a notebook on my lap […]

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