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The Writer’s Corner

Bobbie Jean Huff’s Writing Space

I started my first novel when I lived in Canada, working on it in the Ottawa library. When I moved to the US I found myself with an extra room in the house, the perfect place for a study. Still, I wrote in the library, where I was one of a number of serious people […]

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Richard Owen’s Writing Space

Where I do the writing, the putting of words on the white space, is unremarkable, a bedroom turned into an office in our sixties-era bungalow. But that’s not where the real work happens. I do that in Odell Park, 320 acres of woodland in the heart of Fredericton, on the great sloping side of the […]

Emma Hooper’s Writing Space

Some people don’t like a window where they work; they point their desks away from them. If I don’t have a window it’s kind of like not being able to breath. I point myself straight at mine and keep tabs on the birds. Sometimes I see groups of young teenagers too. We’re on some kind […]