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What is Tanya Bellehumeur-Allatt Reading?

Journeys I’m a picky reader. I read as much for character as for plot. I have a passion for narrative, but I read only literary novels and non-fiction. I love a finely crafted phrase where every word has earned its place. Geraldine Brooks gives me all these things. This fall, I’m reading People of the […]

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Finding The Form with Jessica Block

When I first started working on Garden Man, I was trying hard not to write a story at all. I’d been going through a difficult period with my writing and had disconnected from the pleasure of the act itself. Each time I sat down to write Garden Man, I told myself this was not a […]

An Interview with Anne Swannell

Anne Swannell’s poem, “On Not Seeing Rocher Percé,” shared third prize in the 2020 Nick Blatchford Occasional Verse Contest. The poem recounts three disappointing moments: a trip to the Gaspé peninsula to see the famous rock formation rising from the ocean, had it not been hidden by fog the one day they were there; a […]

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