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Poetry Review: Poisonous if Eaten Raw

Ever since my mother died almost two years ago, memories of her surface into consciousness at all times of the day, evoked by events and objects both trivial and significant. I suspect that the same process was at work as the motivation and impetus for most of the poems in Alyda Faber’s third collection, Poisonous […]

John Vardon in

Book Review: The Whole Singing Ocean

In Jessica Moore’s book-length poem, The Whole Singing Ocean, an oceanic pull – called Story – insists that the author go on a voyage. She sets out to discover what the musical vastness of language, the sea of memory, and the oceans of our globe hold in their mingled depths. She encounters monstrous islands of […]

Martha Baillie in

Finding the Form with Kevin Irie

A poem is another home for words, one of varying size but where the consideration of weight must be applied stringently, not just in order to avoid collapse, but to provide shelter to thoughts we want to survive. To build more with less without anything missing. When I wrote the poem Windblown, it was originally […]