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The Writer’s Corner

A Conversation with Grace Vermeer

Kim Jernigan: I’m curious about the timeline implied by your poem—how long an interval was there between hearing the stories and the wise healer’s “It is finished”? The last verse takes us back to the old story…Are we to see that as the ache from the old wounds?  Grace Vermeer: I heard the stories as a […]

Finding the Form with Tristan Marajh

  Like my protagonist Sofiya Shirazi stifled and suppressed herself before finding her true form in Sofiya’s Choice, so too did I stifle and suppress my tale before The New Quarterly let its full form be expressed. Short fiction writers will attest that they often omit and edit in order to have their work fit […]

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Hollay Ghadery’s Writing Space

Where do I write? You name it! The kitchen table, the bed, the bath, on walks or runs, riding shotgun in the car on the way to swimming or piano or drama lessons, or in my actual office: there’s no place I don’t write, which isn’t to say I don’t have favourite places to write […]

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