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The Writer’s Corner

The Archaeologists, Chapter 30: June – Thursday, Jun 26

This chapter is part of the ongoing serialization of The Archaeologists, the new novel by Hal Niedzviecki to be published by ARP Books in Fall 2016. The Archaeologists is being serialized in its entirety from April to October with chapters appearing on a rotating basis on the websites of five great magazines. To see the […]

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The Back Story

I aspired to be Jane Austen, Daphne Du Maurier, Charlotte Bronte, or Lucy Maud Montgomery. I used to think that I was living in the wrong time and wished I had been born back then. When I wrote, it never occurred to me that I was not writing in my own voice, not really.

Tamara Jong in

“Road One:” An Interview with Sivan Slapak

What I enjoy is seeing what can be packed into a few pages, testing how much a world can come alive. How much do we care about the characters, how many layers of meaning or associations are we left with by the end, and is a wider field created from the hints we’re shown?

Pamela Mulloy with Sivan Slapak in

Other Stories: The Back Story

It’s a hot spring day and I spend the morning sitting in my backyard hearing Ayelet Tsabari’s voice as she tells me of her journey towards writing in English. The next day I venture further inwards. Spend the morning withTwo Poems, Kristine Tortora, and feel I found something about the familiar and the faraway, something I still can’t language.

Leonarda Carranza in

Writing Spaces: Janette Fecteau

This week on Writing Spaces, we take a peek into the working space of Janette Fecteau, author of the poems “Deer Jacker” and “The Part I Hate Most” in Issue 139.

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Writing Spaces: Heather Birrell

This week on Writing Spaces, we take a peek into the temporary working space of Heather Birrell, author of the short story “Tin Jails” in Issue 139.


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Issue 139

I'LL KNOW WHEN I GET THERE: In which we create a mask to begin a journey, find the soft spot in rejection, learn the hard truths at summer camp, and send a naked intruder packing



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