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What is Beth Downey Reading?

Recently, I was out with a clutch of friends—all readerly-writerly types, which tells you something of how spoiled I am in life—when one of our party asked, ‘how do you guys cope with how much there is to read out there?’ How, indeed. In a world heaped with outstanding books, articles, poetry, film, and with […]

What is Paola Ferrante Reading?

As someone who actively writes both poetry and fiction, I alternate between reading poetry and fiction regularly. I find that reading poetry really makes me think about sound of my sentences, often to the point where I make sure I read my fiction out loud and will spend sometimes half an hour or more on […]

Finding the Form with Stephanie Harrington

“I think “Blackberries” divided people, which in retrospect, isn’t a bad place to start. At least I provoked something in readers.” “Blackberries” started as an assignment for a creative nonfiction class at the University of Victoria. Our professor, David Leach, asked us to write a “Modern Love” essay like those published in the long-running New […]

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