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Finding the Form with Heather Debling

Flipping through some old notebooks recently, I came across the very first notes I made for the story that would become “Resilience.” The page is dated 2017, and there’s a working title of “Ms. Thrashings Grade (4s-5s?) Prepare for the Coming Apocalypse,” then a couple of paragraphs half-covered with a post-it, a scribbled note to […]

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Indigenous History Month Reads

To commemorate Indigenous History Month and Indigenous Peoples Day, TNQ has collected a variety of works from across our publications which centre Indigenous stories and voices. These reads will be available, regardless of subscription status, until August. In Conversation “Keeping Good Company: A Profile of Richard Wagamese” by Bruce Johnstone Richard Wagamese is a living, […]

Finding the Form with Mark Anthony Jarman

This story comes out of very rough notes I wrote 40 years earlier, flimsy onionskin pages I recently found in a folder when cleaning out my UNB office (an extremely slow exit).  The notes were from the late 1970s and early 1980s, when I was at the Iowa Workshop, then Yaddo, an artists’ colony in […]

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