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The Writer’s Corner

Grant Munroe’s Writing Space

“providing writers with a homey retreat” Over the years, I’ve written in a variety of places: a tiny studio apartment in Brooklyn, a refurbished closet, a desk at a Wall Street brokerage (between tasks, secretly), and countless cafés. Today I write in an office that was originally the sleeping porch of a summerhouse built in […]

What’s George Elliott Clarke Reading?

During my appointment as the 7th Parliamentary Poet Laureate (2016-17), I was privileged to receive commissions to draft poems on subjects as royal as the 50th Anniversary of the founding of the Order of Canada (1967) and as proletarian as the 100th Anniversary of the Great Bolshevik October Revolution that established the Union of Soviet […]

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“Wealth”: Maria Meindl’s Writing Space

This room has only one, somewhat lackadaisical, heating vent; still, I tend to think of it as a hot spot in the house. It’s a chaotic little cauldron of work, all the surfaces roiling with books and notebooks and hard copies of manuscripts, articles I need or once needed or might someday need. Often, my […]

Jesse Matas’ Writing Spaces

It’s important to mix it up. Sometimes I write in the lake. Sometimes I write on the Oaxacan coast with chickens on my hat. It’s important to try things. I like typewriters. Sometimes I write on a typewriter, in a car, on the highway of tears. Sometimes I write at a desk. Sometimes it’s important […]

What’s Emily Urquhart Reading?

Last week, someone asked me what I’d been reading lately. As I combed through a mental catalogue of literature I’d recently enjoyed, I realized that I’d actually listened to, rather than sight-read, the works I’d consumed over the past few weeks. This is a marked change from, say, ten years ago when I sight-read everything. […]

Brent van Staalduinen’s Writing Space

“less clutter is good for the creative soul” Where it is: My office is in the basement immediately under the master bedroom. This could be problematic when combined with my 5am starts because of our thin floors and my wife enjoying her sleep, but is actually perfect because I prefer to create in silence. It […]

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