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The Writer’s Corner

Pearl Pirie’s Writing Space

My real writing room is between my ears, and on nearest piece or paper, or lately something digital since a broken wrist has wreaked havoc with my already iffy handwriting. I write wherever I can find my laptop or phone. I may have to lift a cat or dog to find them, or I may […]

Kate Cayley’s Writing Space

I have a home office with a bed in it which doubles as a guest room twice a week (friends from out of town who have to be in Toronto one night a week for work, one working for the AGO, the other a farmer who sells at a market here). Of course, we don’t […]

Finding the Form with Jann Everard

It wasn’t until I was asked to consider writing this blog post that I appreciated the tortured history of  “Watching Her Breath.” According to my records, my first version of a story set in the Marche region of Italy was drafted in the autumn of 2014, just after I’d returned from a two-week trip to […]