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The Writer’s Corner

Aviva Martin’s Writing Space

Writing Spaces Mostly I write lying down, my laptop unfolded, keyboard on my torso, the screen against the cushions that lean against my thighs. My head and neck are supported by a pillow so I can see both keyboard and screen. I’ve never learned touch typing. Yet. I have a desk, a beautiful, metal, three-tiered, […]

Terry Watada’s Writing Space

Writing Spaces I’m too embarrassed to send a photo or a video. The space is too messy. I love that it’s in the basement office (created by former house owners). It’s away from family activity, yet not so isolated, since just up the stairs is the kitchen (for the coffee) and there is a second […]

Adan Jerreat-Poole’s Writing Space

Writing Spaces In the fall I had to move out of my Hamilton apartment because of a cockroach infestation (the glamorous life of a grad student and aspiring writer). Since then I’ve been geographically unstable, moving between cities and rooms and comforters, home-making with a few favourite books, a miniature of Sadness from Inside Out, […]

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