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Finding the Form with Susan J. Atkinson

Kiss Me Again Like The Second Time was one of those rare gems of a poem that start with a tiny spark that instantly ignites and the next thing you know the spark has exploded into a full blown fire or, in this case, a poem. I’d been reading a New York Bestseller Rom-Com, which […]

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Finding the Form with Bobbie Jean Huff

I wrote what would become my short story “Generations” many years ago. I didn’t have a lot of confidence in my writing then, but I knew enough to realize that it wasn’t any good. A story about a garden party? Who cares! When I first started writing, I focused on poetry. I’d never considered writing […]

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Finding the Form with Jill Solnicki

In her Finding the Form online exclusive blog post, Jill Solnicki talks about her process, and reveals drafts of her poem “Blue Rooms”.  Finding the form of a poem is both a conscious process, and a mysterious one. Why mysterious? Because, for me, a poem seems to arrive from above, out of air, or from […]