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What is gillian harding-russell Reading?

“That ice island has melted away, a reminder that our world is changing under our feet, and in ways that began with us supposedly in control.” Since my father worked in British Intelligence during World War II, I have been intrigued by the underground workings of that war. In that area, I have read Michael […]

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A Good Cross-draft: The Edna Staebler Personal Essay Contest

Originally published in full in Issue 148 of The New Quarterly. TNQ has long been a haven for the well-wrought personal essay. Even so, it is a contest that comes with a distinctive set of challenges. To wit: we ask for essays in which personal experience is framed by thoughtful, bracing, or lively engagement with […]

What is John Steffler Reading?

My home is shaped partly by the books it houses.  There are bookshelves in most rooms and books piled beside reading chairs and the bed.  A chunk of my past life is contained in the books I’ve accumulated, and so, in a sense, is my future – possible futures, things yet to explore.  And books […]