#Summer 20073

Issue 103

Introducing Kathleen Winter: her take on rejection letters, aging, the inner lives of women, and 'all the small moving things of the world'



Essays On Writing

Introducing Kathleen Winter: The 2006 Metcalf-Rooke Award Winner

Natural Histories

The List Goes On


#Other Issues3

Issue 101

ARTIST AS ACTIVIST: River Reciprocity by Basia Irland; Joseph Boyden talks shop with Bruce Johnstone; On the road with Nicola Ross in coffee country; Cultural integrity in a small arts town by Anne De Grace; Charlene Diehl goes soul mining with Jazz on Wheels' Steve Kirby, and much more

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Issue 104

THE REAL ESTATE ISSUE: a gathering of poems, stories, and essays on how place defines us and our experience of what's real

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