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The New Quarterly (TNQ) believes that literature and literacy are essential in fostering a culturally, socially, and economically vibrant country. Our mission is to publish and promote writers from all parts of Canada.* Our mandate is to nurture emerging writers by carefully engaging with and publishing their work.

Very little of The New Quarterly‘s income is derived from selling magazine subscriptions; no magazine can sell for what it costs to produce. Commercial magazines make up the difference by selling advertising; not-for-profits like ours do it by keeping overhead costs low and with help from government grants and the generous support of donors.

We respond to hundreds of manuscripts each year. Our editors take the time to provide detailed feedback to writers who show promise (whether we publish their work or not), because we care about the future of CanLit. We want to see Canada’s literary culture flourish and grow.

A donation to The New Quarterly supports not only the work we publish, but all the years of correspondence and encouragement between our contributing writers and editors. Delivering ongoing feedback to contributing writers is important to the editors at TNQ; we want to reaffirm that their work is worth reading again and again.

As a donor, you will directly support the publication of the best, up-and-coming Canadian writers and writing. 

*100% of the writing we publish at The New Quarterly is Canadian. All of our writers either reside in Canada or are citizens living abroad.

The New Quarterly is pleased to issue a tax receipt for your donation.

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The New Quarterly doesn’t just publish
your story and send you a cheque.

They remember your name, support your career, promote your work, and cheer your successes.

As one of their writers, I benefit from these efforts. Their rising tide lifts all our boats.”

— Sharon Bala

This will be my first time being published. I am incredulous, electrified, thrilled, elated.”

Jessica Marsh

“My experience going through the editorial process for The New Quarterly was about as positive and rewarding as it gets.

It’s rare to find an editor, or journal, willing to take the time to help carve something rough into something good.

This kind of editorial attention has been invaluable to me, as I’m sure it is to many emerging writers.”

Kevin Hardcastle

“What exciting news! This will be my first fiction publication. As a long-time reader, I’m thrilled!”

Megan Findlay