Our Board

The New Quarterly is supported by a governing board of directors.

Our board members love to read and appreciates the importance of having our own, Canadian literary culture. We welcome board members with experience in publishing, digital technology, retail, promotion, media, law, and accounting.

In addition to overseeing the magazine’s finances and general administration (approving budgets and the like), our board:

  • takes an active role in fundraising (specifically occasionally assisting with Bingo)
  • takes on roles on the editorial side of TNQ: interviewing writers, helping to organize and host readings
  • takes advantage of professional development opportunities (e.g., Magazines Canada consultations on fundraising, human resources management, branding, and web marketing).

Our board meets quarterly on the third Thursday of the month.             

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Our Current Board Members

  • Alister Thomas, Chair
  • Tom Wilhelm, Treasurer
  • Catherine Brunskill, Publicity Director and Secretary
  • Lillian Bass
  • Lara El Mekkawi
  • Alysia Kolentsis
  • D.B. Scott
  • Amanda St. Marie
  • Mandy Lam
  • Su Mardelli
  • Carol Acton, ex officio St. Jerome’s
  • Tristanne Connolly, ex officio St. Jerome’s


  • Mary Dever
  • Heather Montgomery
  • Logan Walsh
  • Peter Woolstencroft