Lindsay Zier-Vogel’s Writing Space

There are not a lot of doors in my house. It took me until the pandemic to really notice this, but with two kids at home, I quickly learned the value of doors. In March 2020, I started writing in my bedroom, but all those sleep experts are onto something when they say that working […]

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What is Pamela Porter Reading?

I’ve spent some time thinking about how to answer the question, “Who’s Reading What?” And I’ve concluded that, as a poet, what I read is predominantly poetry, and what spurs me often to begin to write is the cadence in the poems I read from the work of others. For many months I read Linda […]

What’s Elana Wolff Reading?

I recently returned to Canada after a long stretch abroad. I was on a caregiving mission and didn’t have a lot of time to myself. But I did read: Amor Towles’ comic romp, A Gentleman in Moscow, a stylish retro novel of manners; Ann Shin’s The Last Exiles, a chilling and compelling work inspired by […]

Finding the Form with Kristine Sahagun

Where does form begin and does it have a happy ending? I am twenty-five in second year, second time around, sitting in a short fiction class on love, sex and death. We’re talking about a book or a film and I’m waving my pen like a baton trying to complete my thoughts. I find myself […]

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Finding the Form with Ian Mallov

I really like TNQ’s blog topic here. As a writer, asking yourself “what form is my piece going to take?” is the second essential question after “what am I going to write about?” I knew for years that I was going to write a short fiction piece about hockey, although none of my other fiction […]

Finding the Form with Rachel Lachmansingh

I’m the type of writer who thrives off of unknowing—if given too much information before I start a draft, I tend to burn out. This has always seemed strange to me as someone who otherwise prefers routine in other aspects of my life. Both of these feelings—a desire for stability and a desire for impulsivity—are […]

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The Wild Writers Literary Festival #11

Welcome to the 11th annual Wild Writers Festival. I would like to begin by acknowledging that the Wild Writer Festival takes place on the Haldimand Tract, land promised to the Haudenosaunee people of Six Nations, which includes six miles on each side of the Grand River. This is the traditional territory of the Neutral, Anishnaabeg, […]

Kitty Hoffman’s Writing Space

     I have written in many different spaces around the world – from a cafe in Guayaquil to a boat in Kochi, temple steps in Ladakh to gitano cave in Granada,  under the stars in Mpumalanga and beside a tango floor in Almagro. This is testament to a long life of someone who loves travel; […]

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What is Ian Mallov Reading?

Two books I’m reading: Yellow Watch: Journey of a Portuguese Woman and Animal Person The first book I’m reading is Carmelinda Scian’s Yellow Watch, out September 15 from Mawenzi House publishing: I have followed the journey of Yellow Watch for a decade, from emailed drafts decorated with editorial comments to clean finished book. It […]

The 2022 Peter Hinchcliffe Short Fiction Award

The New Quarterly is so pleased to announce the results of the 2022 Peter Hinchcliffe Short Fiction Award!   Winner “Cavity Nests” by Sandhya Thakrar   Runners Up (tie) “Animals in Captivity” by K. R. Segriff “Dollhouse” by Amber Fenik   Honourable Mentions “Bonnie” by Morgan Dick “Keepsake” by Vivian (Xiao Wen) Li “The Barn […]