One in the Bow and One in the Stern: Robert Reid and Wesley W. Bates on Casting Their Collaboration

Robert Reid is a writer whose career in journalism spanned forty years. Wesley W. Bates is one of Canada’s best-known wood engravers (whose work appeared on the cover of The New Quarterly’s Issue 138). Both are avid fly fishers. Casting into Mystery, published by The Porcupine’s Quill in February 2020, tackles their love of angling […]

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True Story: An Interview with Eufemia Fantetti

Award-winning writer, Humber Literary Review (HLR) editor and writing prof extraordinaire Eufemia Fantetti released My Father, Fortunetellers and Me: A Memoir to great acclaim in 2019—the Toronto launch a spectacular blend of Italian hospitality, riveting tarot readings, and Eufemia’s not-to-be-missed on-stage interview with her father.  TNQ subscribers can read an excerpt from the book here. […]

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Protected: Pacific Spirit: A Photo Essay

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Susan Olding

Deborah Vail’s Writing Space

My office is an eclectic space, or as some have described it, a clutter. I found an antique oak desk on Craigslist for an empty bedroom. A few days later, my oldest son brought me a chaise lounge of the same vintage. From the basement I dragged up an old rug with black background and […]

Finding the Form with Kate Cayley

Doc took shape when I was listening to a lot of Townes Van Zandt and then looked him up. He was a brilliant wreck most of the time and at the end was looked after by his producer’s younger brother. There was a quote in which he said Van Zandt was his first child. Van […]

What is Kari Lund-Teigen Reading?

My to-read list is miles deep, the order haphazard, determined in large part by when my holds come in at the library. On March 13th, Aleksander Hemon’s My Parents/This Does Not Belong to You arrived for me at my branch. I was busy that day: stocking up on groceries, looking after a kid at home […]

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Pearl Pirie’s Writing Space

My real writing room is between my ears, and on nearest piece or paper, or lately something digital since a broken wrist has wreaked havoc with my already iffy handwriting. I write wherever I can find my laptop or phone. I may have to lift a cat or dog to find them, or I may […]

Kate Cayley’s Writing Space

I have a home office with a bed in it which doubles as a guest room twice a week (friends from out of town who have to be in Toronto one night a week for work, one working for the AGO, the other a farmer who sells at a market here). Of course, we don’t […]

Finding the Form with Jann Everard

It wasn’t until I was asked to consider writing this blog post that I appreciated the tortured history of  “Watching Her Breath.” According to my records, my first version of a story set in the Marche region of Italy was drafted in the autumn of 2014, just after I’d returned from a two-week trip to […]

Kari Lund-Teigen’s Writing Space

This room sits just off the kitchen in my house. It faces south so on sunny days is full of light. Judging by its temperature in the winter, I think it used to be a porch. Tempting as it was, I did not tidy or alter the room before taking this picture. It captures so […]

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