The Long Route to Le Mas Blanc: A writing retreat in the South of France

This piece was originally posted to the TNQ blog in Spring 2013. I am a terrible traveller. Pretty much phobic about flying. Ironically, I’ve spent my life travelling. I was born on an overseas business trip—crossed oceans and continents my entire life. I should be cavalier but I’m not. Quite the opposite. My fears were intensified by […]

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Memory, Desire, and the Aural Imagination

I submitted to TNQ because the contest is unique in its focus and celebration of the occasional poem. I feel like most poems, for me, begin with an occasion in my own life, whether that occasion stays overtly in the poem or not.

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Lying in bed before falling asleep, I track the changeable sky through a frame of white pines, a view so Tom Thomson it made me laugh at first. Unreal, I thought. How can this be real?

The Gift of Time

The silence was a gift. So, too, was the view from our kitchen window at the cabin. The smell of pine I haven’t experienced in years hit me as soon as I stepped out of the car. The discovery of fiddleheads on the five kilometre walk with my cabin mate Lindy Mechefske one morning.

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Implicated: In Conversation with Caterina Edwards

TNQ’s annual personal essay contest attracts musings on every imaginable topic. (The sheer range—from mermaids to dimmer knobs—restores my faith in human nature.) But what we’re looking for in these entries is the deft weave of language, a writerly exploration of a subject that’s personal, engaged. We are looking for ideas, and for heart. That […]

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“Latencies”: An Interview with Emily McKibbon

Essays have this reputation for being stringently styled and highly polished, but they’re unruly little beasties. I think poets have more fun than essayists, but essayists can just go raw and real, really get their messy guts out. If I finish an essay feeling sick with terror but also wildly triumphant, that’s my sweet spot.

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“True Detective”: An Interview With Elana Wolff

We can tell Edna’s ghost that the prize money is going toward a trip to Prague this November. David and I will be staying in the building that housed the Worker’s Accident Insurance Institute, where Kafka served for most his working life as an insurance adjuster. The building is now a hotel, and we’ve booked the room that was once Kafka’s office.

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“It Not Only Rises, It Shines”: An Interview with Julie Paul

Will my essay have an impact? I don’t know. But perhaps it will encourage others to share their own experiences, fears, questions, and allow their voices to be heard. I believe, more than ever, that this is what we need.

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The Archaeologists, Chapter 30: June – Thursday, Jun 26

This chapter is part of the ongoing serialization of The Archaeologists, the new novel by Hal Niedzviecki to be published by ARP Books in Fall 2016. The Archaeologists is being serialized in its entirety from April to October with chapters appearing on a rotating basis on the websites of five great magazines. To see the […]

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The Back Story

I aspired to be Jane Austen, Daphne Du Maurier, Charlotte Bronte, or Lucy Maud Montgomery. I used to think that I was living in the wrong time and wished I had been born back then. When I wrote, it never occurred to me that I was not writing in my own voice, not really.

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