Wedding Week Chaos

Wedding Week Chaos by Sadaf Shafiq “ As the man drove through a small and quiet street, my aunt whispered that something was wrong. Sadaf Shafiq After five years away, I was back in Pakistan to attend my brother’s wedding. It was an exciting and long trip. The house was beautifully decorated with golden lights; […]

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The Lut Desert

the lut desert by maryam rafiee “ For one five-hour stretch, there were almost no signs of civilization—no gas stations, no restaurants, no tea houses, nothing. It was just me, my parents, my brother and the desert. Maryam Rafiee I grew up in the 80s and 90s in Iran. My parents’ travel methods were basically […]

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Together Again

Together again by Ghadeer Albattarni “ With lightning speed and without thinking she answered me: “Mama, my head is sick but not my tongue!” I laughed from my heart. Ghadeer Albattarni I am in a big black car heading from Pearson Airport to Kitchener. It’s 1:00 am. The snow outside looks bright and shiny. It […]

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Never saw the sun shining so bright…

never saw the sun shining so bright… by jasmina simic “ From where I was sitting on the floor, I could see my reflection in the mirror across the room. A big, feather pillow was tucked behind me to support my back, my legs were crossed, and in my lap sat a square tin […]

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Me and My Father

Me and my father by Ellaha Saroosh “ I was unlike other girls, I loved whatever was forbidden for girls. Ellaha Saroosh It was a July afternoon. My father was sitting on the chair in front of his room with a book by Rumi in his hands. The yard and the flowers were watered; I […]

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The Stranger

The Stranger by Johanna Jamnik “ The cars looked like ants crawling along the road. Every time the plane dipped I was sure we were going to crash. Johanna Jamnik The glare from the lights in the airport terminal hurt my eyes and the noise my ears. So many people were jostling, pushing. My […]

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Airport Birds

airport birds by filiz tamer “ Canada is home but it’s just the three of us on this side of the world. It’s too expensive for my father to go with us this time around so once again we leave him behind. Filiz Tamer I am at the airport in Toronto, but I am not […]

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Packing an Identity

I was at Beirut International airport at 5:00 am on April 20th, 2005. As the sun peeked through the long glass windows reflecting the beginning of a usual morning in Beirut, I thought how unusual this morning was for me. I have been feeling numb in the past few weeks while packing up my life to immigrate to Canada with my son Rami.

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The Suitcase

The suitcase by basima marhoon “ Deep in my heart, I knew my daughters would never go back to Baghdad, not even for a visit. They would say that they didn’t have any pleasant memories back there. Their only memories were of the war. Basima Marhoon It was 2018, and I was sitting on a […]

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“Sit anywhere you like,” said the tall, blonde woman standing in front of the classroom. She carried herself with confidence, but not snobbery, wearing a black turtleneck, checkered skirt, black tights, with brown clogs. Some of the kids in the class already knew her. She was their Varsity cheerleading coach.

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