Announcing Our New Managing Editor: Eleni Zaptses

The New Quarterly is delighted to announce that our next managing editor of the esteemed Canadian Literary Magazine is Eleni Zaptses. Eleni Zaptses (she/her) is a writer and marketing professional who was born and raised on the traditional territory of the Neutral, Anishinaabe, and Haudenosaunee peoples in Waterloo, Ontario. Prior to joining TNQ, Eleni has […]

What’s Lizzie Derksen Reading?

It is the fall of 2021 and, like many people, I am experiencing a pretty bad depressive episode. Three books have been helping, three books that acknowledge the dangers of the mind but also the blessed limitations of the dangerous mind—the way even a person who believes they are being eaten alive by their own […]

Episode 11 – Sheryda Warrener

"I think with a poem, you always want to have something at stake that you just are not going to be able to answer, but you keep trying to get at it in this way, in that way, in this way."   Episode 11 | Sheryda Warrener   Transcript Sheryda Warrener (00:00): I think with a […]

What’s Geoff Martin Reading?

Through the entirety of this past summer, pressed on all sides by a deluge of moving boxes at my new home in Kitchener and a raucous toddler who had lost the ability to stay asleep, my reading habit nearly ground to a terrifying halt. There just wasn’t time. The one book, however, that nipped at […]

Wild Writers Literary Festival #10

We’re wild about the Wild Writers Literary Festival, which is a decade-old in November 2021. As a result of Covid-19 restrictions, this year’s WWLF, like the 2020 festival, is online—from November 1 to November 21, 2021, there are seventeen events and three Youth Writer Workshops— Two of the high-profile events include “From Plants to […]

What Is Kathy Friedman Reading?

My schedule is so busy that it’s often only when I carve out time off, usually in the summer or winter months, that I read for pleasure. I also love to travel during these months, and to spend time outdoors, so many of the books I own end up waterlogged, their spines full of sand, […]

Kathy Friedman in

We Are Hiring!

Position Available: Managing Editor The New Quarterly Literary Society Inc. Location: 290 Westmount Rd. N, Waterloo, ON, Canada N2L 3G3 Job type: Full-time role; flexible hours and hybrid working arrangements negotiable Salary: $40,000-43,000 Vacation: Four weeks, including two during the December holiday period Date posted: 2021/09/28 Application deadline: 2021/10/12 Description: The New Quarterly (TNQ), an […]

The 2021 Peter Hinchcliffe Short Fiction Award Winners

The New Quarterly is pleased to announce the winners of the 2021 Peter Hinchcliffe Short Fiction Award! Winner “Something Really Unbelievable” by Nicole Smith Runner-Up “Mushroom Girl” by Lizzie Derksen Shortlist (to be published) “The Last Time She Saw Charlie” by Carol Hay “Florence” by Hilary Ball “(In)Auspicious” by Alana Rigby Look for the winners’ mentions […]

The 2021 Peter Hinchcliffe Short Fiction Award Longlist

The New Quarterly is pleased to announce the longlisted submissions to the 2021 Peter Hinchcliffe Short Fiction Award. The longlisted writers and their stories are as follows: “The silence between footsteps” by Kimberley Aslett “Florence” by Hilary Ball “Fire Sign” by Megan Callahan “Mushroom Girl” by Lizzie Derksen “Élodie” by Rachel Deutsch “The Last Time She […]

Finding the Form with Wayne Yetman

The Story Behind Poor Little Thing TNQ has asked how I chose the form and structure for this story. I never think of such things. The starting point was a news report in the mid-1990s of a man perishing in an almost impossible accident in Toronto. I simply followed my nose from there. I wrote […]