Poetry Review: Poisonous if Eaten Raw

Ever since my mother died almost two years ago, memories of her surface into consciousness at all times of the day, evoked by events and objects both trivial and significant. I suspect that the same process was at work as the motivation and impetus for most of the poems in Alyda Faber’s third collection, Poisonous […]

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Book Review: The Whole Singing Ocean

In Jessica Moore’s book-length poem, The Whole Singing Ocean, an oceanic pull – called Story – insists that the author go on a voyage. She sets out to discover what the musical vastness of language, the sea of memory, and the oceans of our globe hold in their mingled depths. She encounters monstrous islands of […]

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Finding the Form with Kevin Irie

A poem is another home for words, one of varying size but where the consideration of weight must be applied stringently, not just in order to avoid collapse, but to provide shelter to thoughts we want to survive. To build more with less without anything missing. When I wrote the poem Windblown, it was originally […]

Finding the Form with Melody Goetz

Well.  I was minding my own business one morning, dutifully fulfilling a promise I’d made to my writerly self – that for 5 days a week I would set an egg timer (you remember those!) for 20 minutes, take out a battered old notebook, and write whatever came.  This was nonplussing, as you could well […]

Natalia Zdaniuk’s Writing Space

I write well on the plane. There are the practical reasons, ones that I’ve seen other writers point out: the benefit of few distractions, the discomfort of the narrow chair keeping you awake, the potential inspiration from unknown passengers. But for me there is also a specific emotional experience that comes from the liminality of […]

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What is Ami Sands Brodoff Reading?

During the early days and months of the COVID-19 Pandemic, I found I could not read.  Normally, my reading times—a bit with morning coffee, a longer swathe at teatime after I knock off my own writing, a scoach before bed—are among my favourite parts of the day and compose a ritual.  Like so many of […]

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What is Heather Paul Reading?

My reading life is typical of the rest of my life:  always a lot going on.  I usually have three to four books on the go, one of which will be an audiobook. Often the audiobooks will be nonfiction, usually in the realm of health and wellness, food and drink.  Recent non-fiction reads (approximately two […]

Finding the Form with Margaret Nowaczyk

When Pamela Mulloy invited me to contribute to the Day Jobs column, I felt honored to be asked, rapidly followed by totally panicked. How to describe coherently and literarily what I have been doing for quarter of a century?  Then I remembered an essay that I had been writing for almost five years. Its first […]

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What is Kirsteen MacLeod Reading?

My new book, In Praise of Retreat, will be out at the end of March—so I’ve recently transitioned to ‘having written.’ As a result I’ve been in ‘kid in a candy store’ mode, deliriously reading works not related to my own book for the first time in ages, in all genres. I just finished reading […]

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Finding the Form with Nicole Baute

When I was seven or eight years old, I was unreasonably worried about losing one of my parents. Instead of sleeping I would lie awake at night trying to imagine my life without them. It was particularly bad on the rare occasion they went out for dinner and left us with a babysitter. I remember […]