An Interview with Susan J. Atkinson

Like many poets, Susan J. Atkinson had been writing for a long time before the launch of her first book, The Marta Poems, in December of 2020. The New Quarterly poetry editors are not alone in their admiration for the work of this Ottawa-based poet. This interview touches on the book’s publication, subject matter, and poetic […]

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Thursday’s Child: The Marta Poems by Susan J. Atkinson

As a poetry editor for The New Quarterly, I first encountered Susan J. Atkinson’s work when reviewing forty applications for an Ontario Arts Council grant about two years ago. Among the poems carefully excerpted from in-progress manuscripts by writers both emerging and well established, her selection stood out—a unanimous choice by our four-person poetry editorial […]

John Vardon

Poem in A Pocket Leads to Singing in a Parkade

if only for one
ruby-throated moment
you could drink
from the chalice of the sun

Rae Crossman

Wild Writers Mentorship Program Reflection

As a writer, I crave feedback. To have someone read the lines that have long since engrained  themselves in my mind, and strip away the excess.  As a developing writer, I also long for mentorship. I want to know that I’m not writing alone.   The Wild Writers Mentorship offers the opportunity to receive both of […]

Reba Kingston

What is Mia Anderson Reading?

What am I reading? The internet. That’s because I am translating a very fat tome and must be looking things up constantly and being constantly grateful for the trustworthy scholars who have uploaded texts on the 17th century designation or connotation of this or that title or function or dwelling or boundary. More of that […]

Tanya Bellehumeur-Allatt’s Writing Space

Even when we have lots of friends or family over, no one sleeps in my studio, because I like to write in the early morning. I also need somewhere to escape to when the house is full. I’ve got all my projects here, in binders and folders and on bits of paper scattered all over […]

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What is Sarah Wishloff Reading?

It’s a question that, like all well-intentioned literary curiosities—what’s your process? How did you come to this piece? What are you writing? —makes me feel fraudulent and a little bit sad. I haven’t been reading. I can’t remember the last time I read a book cover to cover. Like a lot of would-be writers, I […]

Finding the Form With Matthew King

I remember the first time I identified a poem as an irregular sonnet: it was Robert Frost’s “For Once, Then, Something”, which was in an anthology we used in one of my highschool English classes. I don’t know why I thought it was a sonnet; I just remember insisting that it was. Now, having more […]

What is K.D. Miller Reading

I have just finished the novel Jack by Marilynne Robinson. It is the fourth book in a series which began in 2004 with Gilead, a short novel Robinson herself feared might be unpublishable, but which in fact won the Pulitzer Prize. Having now finished the series (though there are hints of a fifth book in […]

Finding the Form with Doretta Lau

I began writing “All the Dreamers on the Run” in 2012, when I was working on How Does a Single Blade of Grass Thank the Sun?, my short story collection. At the time I was living in Hong Kong and I was inspired by the Sheung Wan neighbourhood, which was in walking distance of my […]