Finding the Form with Ian LeTourneau

Birds occasionally take centre stage in my poems and many fly through in minor roles, on their way, perhaps, to […]

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Heather Paul’s Writing Space

For those of you who haven’t studied women’s literature, Virginia Woolf wrote a book called a Room of One’s Own, […]

Angeline Schellenberg’s Writing Space

My requirements for a productive writing space are simple: sunshine, silence, and a dog. In summer, I write outdoors whenever […]

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Finding the Form with Mary-Lynn Murphy

I wasn’t working on a specific project at the time I wrote “Recalculating” and had no ideas in mind, so […]

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Finding the Form with Tom Wayman

I first met Giorgio, who eventually served as Toronto’s poet laureate between 2004 and 2009, when I went to the […]

What is Melody Goetz Reading?

First to say that my introverted self has found the seclusion required of this pandemic, for the most part, as […]

Finding the Form with Lori Sebastianutti

My essay Seeing in 3D, was a project five years in the making. For the longest time, it lived only […]

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What is Edward Dewar Reading?

“Some invisibility would come in handy” is one of my favourite lines by Wislawa Szymborska. I often ask myself, if […]

Finding the Form with Ami Sands Brodoff

My mother hadn’t been feeling well.  She’d developed a throat-clearing tic that seemed to come out of nowhere.  We were […]

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What is Bernadette Rule Reading?

I’ve been reading a fair bit of fiction lately, most recently Richard Powers’ The Overstory, & Jack by Marilynne Robinson.  However, the […]