The 2024 Nick Blatchford Occasional Verse Longlist

Thank you to all of our 2024 Nick Blatchford Occasional Verse Contest entrants. After thorough consideration, we are excited to announce this year’s longlisted writers and their phenomenal poetry. The longlisted poets and their poems are as follows:

Christopher Adamson, “Little Sister”

Nicole Ardiel, “Drug Store Check-Out”

Elise Arsenault, “As a Tree (For Emily)” 

Richard Brait, “An Oxford Picture Book “

Richard Brait, “The Root Cellars of Elliston”

Chantel Daniels, “Zuckerberg’s Eulogy”

Karen Davidson, “A Shuffle of Recipe Cards”

Ulrike E Narwani, “Flume”

Maria Ford, “Glassware”

Kaila Gallacher, “Post Partum” 

Maureen Harris, “Singular Moments”

Danielle Hubbard, “Swan Dive”

Kevin Irie, “How to Pack for Internment”

Nash Lott, “Polling Station”

Dan MacIsaac, “the lincoln penny”

Sneha Madhavan-Reese, “A Week in Banff”

Diane Massam, “Garbage Eve” 

Lisa Martin, “Objects of the Marriage”

Jessica McMillan, “ambient”

Kimberly Peterson, “To My Sons: Instructions for My Burial”

Kathy Stinson, “At the CNE, August 1963”

Anne Swannell, “To Charlie at His Funeral”

Mary-Alice Thompson, “At the Isabel”

Mary-Alice Thompson, “Ballad Collecting in the Scottish Highlands”

Christina Wells, “Four-Chambered Heart”

Stay tuned…

We will announce the contest winner at the end of July.