The 2021 Nick Blatchford Occasional Verse Contest Longlist

The New Quarterly is pleased to announce the longlisted submissions to the 2021 Nick Blatchford Occasional Verse Contest. The longlisted poets and their poems are as follows:

Frances Boyle, “Ultramarine”
Kieran Egan, “Latin class”
Susanne Fletcher, “Airing Evora’s Laundry”
Marilyn Gear Pilling, “The Day (Long Tall Sally)”
Cornelia Hoogland, “Obit for Touch” and “The Leonids follow the Perseids”
Sandra Kasturi, “Specializing in the Prehistory of Whales”
Laurie Koensgen, “The Gift” and “Rock Paper Scissors”
Charlene Kwiatkowski, “First Word”
Sneha Madhavan-Reese, “Sing Me an Indian Song”
Callista Markotich, “Safe U Turn”
Marco Melfi, “Birthday Balloon”
Jennifer Mustapha, “When this is over” and “Birth days”
Suzanne Nussey, “Lacunae”
Aaron Schneider, “Surfing near Tofino”
Anne Swannell, “On the qui vive on my QWERTY”
Sarah Tsiang, “If you come”
Susan Vernon, “The Flyer”
Ken Victor, “The Spirit Bugs of Algonquin Park” and “Dinner at L’Orée Des Bois”
Terry Watada, “Masks”
Cynthia Woodman, “Selling Soffio” and “Water Quality: Fork Lake”

Stay tuned for the final lineup of winning poems!