A Note on Non-Fiction

In the past few years, TNQ’s supporter and submission base has grown. (Which is great!) However, this means that our slush pile has as well, particularly the non-fiction portion. (Which is less great.) This is because the non-fiction pieces you’ll find in the magazine have either been solicited, or have been chosen from finalists in our annual Edna Staebler Personal Essay Contest.

In general, we don’t accept unsolicited non-fiction (which is why you won’t see an option for it on our submission cover sheet). Unless we’re running a special issue, most of our non-fiction is focused on the craft of writing and the writing life. These are subjects we obsess about, and would love to see more of. You too? Great, then we should talk, especially if you’d like to contribute to one of our regular features:

·      Day Jobs

·      In Conversation (interviews with other Canadian writers)

·      Mag as Muse

·      On Writing

·      Word and Image

Enjoy our Writer-at-Large features? Chances are those pieces also came to our attention via the contest, which is why we recommend that non-fiction manuscripts be submitted directly to the contest.

The best way to know if your work is a fit is to read the magazine and contact our editor directly (editor@tnq.ca) if you have an idea to pitch on one of the above topics, rather than going through our regular submissions process – this will save both you and us a lot of time! (Not sure? Email us anyway. We’re always open to suggestions and questions!)

We also welcome guest bloggers for our blog, The Literary Type. Did you go to a literary event? Do you have something to say about CanLit in a less formal setting? Say, for instance, you get a crack at speaking with writers at their favourite diner. You take a photo with your smartphone, or do a short video of your hero(es) waxing eloquent over grilled cheese (the best food on Earth).

Would we feature that? Try us.

We’re interested in all ideas that promote intimate, lively conversations between readers and writers, and especially those that deepen mutual understanding and appreciation… not to mention those that are just plain fun!