The 2019 Peter Hinchcliffe Short Fiction Award Longlist

Thank you to all of our 2019 Peter Hinchcliffe Short Fiction Contest entrants. There was a strong crop of stories this year that pushed the boundaries of tradition. We were struck by the deep complexity of each entry. After thoughtful deliberation, we are proud to announce this year’s longlisted writers and their exceptional stories.

2019 Peter Hinchcliffe Short Fiction Award Contest Longlist

   “Bundle of Joy” by Lisa Alward

♦   “He of the Holy Birth” by Jennifer Batler

♦   “The Underside of a Wing” by Paola Ferrante

♦   “Dakhma” by Dean Gessie

♦   “Miss Khokar Goes to Killbear” by Caitlin Hewitt-White

♦   “Touched” by Anna-Marie Larsen

♦   “Visiting Hours are from 5 to 7” by Erin MacNair

♦   “After Walter” by Chris Masterman

♦   “You’re Just Like Me” by Candice May

♦   “Opener” by Kristen Swan Morrison

♦   “Amphibios” by Andrea L. Mozarowski

♦   “Under the Meadow” by Tatiana Peet

♦   “The Pacific” by Justin F. Ridgeway

♦   “Mandala” by Anji Samarasekera

♦   “This is about running in Jerusalem” by Sivan Slapak

Stay tuned…

We will announce the contest finalists on Wednesday, August 28, 2019!