The Peter Hinchcliffe Fiction Award

$1000 for one outstanding short story

Sponsored by the St Jerome’s University English Department

Deadline: May 28, 2020
June 15, 2020 at 11:59PM

This contest honours distinguished St Jerome’s University lecturer, Peter Hinchcliffe, who was instrumental in founding The New Quarterly and who served for many years as co-editor. His approach to teaching, as well as his personal charm and endearing sense of humour, had an enduring influence on both students and colleagues; this award recognizes Peter’s outstanding contributions to his home department.


  • A $1000 top prize will be awarded for one work of short fiction.
  • All entries will be considered for publication in The New Quarterly ($250 paid upon publication).
  • Entry fee: $40 per work of short fiction (includes a 1-year Canadian subscription or renewal to The New Quarterly).
  • Entrants’ anonymity will be preserved throughout the judging process.
  • Decisions will be posted by late August. Finalists will be notified ahead by email.


  • Entrants must not have published either a first novel or short story collection.
  • Entrants must be Canadian (citizen or resident).
  • Submissions must be unpublished, nor can they be accepted for publication elsewhere.
  • Submissions are accepted online only.
  • We also accept payment by cheque or credit card over the phone. Contact us at 519-884-8111 ext. 28290 or at info[at] for more information.

Formatting Guidelines

  • While there is no word limit to short fiction entries, most fall within the range of 2000 – 5000 words.
  • Kindly use 12-point font and use 1.5 spacing.
  • Include a word count at the end of your submission.
  • Include page numbers at the top right hand corner of your submission. Format page numbers as: “Page 1 of x.”
  • Submissions must be in .doc, .docx, .rtf, or .Pages format.
  • Do not include footnotes or Works Cited in your submission. If external sources are absolutely necessary to include, please reference them within the text.
  • Entrant’s name must not appear in the short fiction submission.
  • If names used in your story might reveal your identity, please use pseudonyms and make a note on your entry form; that way we can ask for real names should the piece go to publication.

Interviews with Past Winners

2019: Paola Ferrante for “The Underside of a Wing”
2018: Katie Zdybel for “The Last Thunderstorm Swim of the Summer”
2017: Shannon Blake for “The Mataram Miracle”
2016: Lisa Alward for “Old Growth”
2015: Sivan Slapak for “Road One”
2014: Alanna Marie Scott for “Maybe the World is Ending”

Please Note:

For serious budgetary and tax reasons, if you already have a subscription to The New Quarterly for the coming year, we ask that you kindly consider gifting the subscription included with your entry to a friend. By selecting “Gift My Subscription!” in the form below, you will make our accountants breathe a sigh of relief and introduce someone you know to The New Quarterly!

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The Peter Hinchcliffe Short Fiction Award is now closed. The contest will reopen on September 1st.