#Fall 20113

Issue 120

LOVE IS ABROAD: in which our writers map love & loss in Arusha, Barcelona, Hong Kong, Lisbon, Rome, New York, Tokyo, Soweto, & St. Petersburg.

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Issue 119

THE QuArc ISSUE: in which science becomes metaphor, poets don lab coats, Alice Munro takes the measure of happiness, the catastrophes are ultra-violet, & quarks shoot off in all directions...+OVA AVES The world in an eggshell

ARCPOETRYMAGAZINE: Welcome to QuArc, where lit goes cosmic, atomic, microscopic: The poetics of code, plastics, oil, animal sex, parasites, Pluto and power saws. Christian Bök's virus star chart; Margaret Atwood's heroic ant

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Issue 121

KNOCK, KNOCK: Who's there? An estranged father, a former student, the man you aren't marrying, the sound effects man, a stranger rising as if out of the sea..

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