#Fall 20223

Issue 164

OUR FRACTURED SELVES: in which we escape Russian security, fail to find all the answers in a children’s encyclopedia, have our future told by a fake psychic, and have our house exorcised.



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Edna Staebler Personal Essay Contest

Peter Hinchcliffe Short Fiction Contest


Nick Blatchford Occasional Verse Contest

#Other Issues3

Issue 163
Summer 2022

TO CONNECT, AGAIN: in which we go on a pandemic date, dance on our coffin, revisit the relics of our marriage, and discover our mother’s secret as we escape from war.

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Issue 165
Winter 2023

IN SEARCH OF OUR ALTER EGO: in which we find our true self when selling an elliptical, learn life lessons while cleaning a hotel room, and see more clearly despite our myopia.

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