Curtain Call

Mona Elaine Adilman, a much published poet and well-known human-rights activist, died before she could see these poems published. Her latest book, Candles in the Dark, was recently released by Mosaic Press. Having been inspired by her poetry and encouraged by her letters, we find it hard to talk about her in the past tense.

Catherine Austen has been writing fiction on and off for several years. Her first publication appeared in Quarry (Fall 1989). and she has work forthcoming in Green’s Magazine and Quarry.

David Blostein, an artist and musician as well as a writer, teaches at Victoria College in the University of Toronto. His fiction has been published in such journals as Aurora and Canadian Forum. This is his second appearance in The New Quarterly.

Bruce Bond‘s poetry and essays have appeared in many journals. including The New Republic and The Kenyon Review. His collections of poetry include The Ivory Hours (Heatherstone Press), Independence Days (Woodley Press). and The Anteroom of Paradise (Quarterly Review of Literature, Princeton University). He is currently poet-in-residence at Wilfrid Laurier University.

W. Mark Giles has spent the last several years as an editor and writer for various publishers. institutions, and businesses in Edmonton, Victoria, and Calgary. His first piece of fiction was accepted by Canadian Fiction Magazine.

Elisabeth Harvor‘s fiction and poetry have appeared in Canadian and American journals and periodicals, including ARC, Event, Prism International, The Malahat Review, The Hudson Review, and The New Yorker. Her latest story collection is If Only We Could Drive like This Forever (Penguin). Her first book of poems, Fortress of Chairs, is due out with the Véhicule Pres this spring.

Ken Howe is a graduate student in French literary translation at the University of Alberta. “Irene und die Zirkus Krona” is his fuse published poem.

Jean Janzen was born in Saskatchewan and now lives in California where she teaches writing at Fresno Pacific College. Recently she has had poems in Poetry (Chicago) and Prairie Schooner. Her first volume of poems will be published by Windflower Communications, Winnipeg.

Evelyn Lau is the author of an autobiography, Runaway: Diary of a Street Kid (Harper Collins) and two poetry collections, You Are Not Who You Claim (Press Porcepic) and Oedipal Dreams (Beach Holme). Her work has appeared in magazines including Books in Canada and Queen’s Quarterly. Having recently won the Milton Acorn Memorial People’s Poetry Award, she is presently working on a prose collection on sex and sadomasochism.

Carl Leggo‘s poetry and fiction have been published in journals across Canada, including CV II, Grain, The Fiddlehead, Grail, The Antigonish Review, Blue Buffalo, TickleAce, Whetstone, Rampike, Dandelion, and The New Quarterly.

Dan MacIsaac‘s poetry has appeared in The Antigonish Review, ARC, Quarry, Queen’s Quarterly, NeWest Review, Wascana Review, and other journals. Also, he has published shore scones in The Fiddlehead, Green’s Magazine, and Grain. He has a story forthcoming in Dandelion.

Alice Major is a freelance writer living in Edmonton. Her poetry has appeared in a number of Canadian literary magazines, including Quarry, Waves, Event, The Fiddlehead, and The New Quarterly. Her poetry was also performed as part of Edmonton’s Womenstrength Festival in 1986, 1987, 1988, and 1990,

Jean Mallinson has had poetry published in Poet’s Gallery, Poetry Canada Review, Next Exit, Room Of One’s Own, Quarry, Prairie Fire, Dandelion, The New Quarterly, and other magazines.

Roger Burford Mason is managing editor of Canadian Notes and Queries and editor of a group of community newspapers in the Toronto suburbs. His second collection of stories, The Beaver Picture, will be published in autumn 1991.

Jennifer Mitton‘s first novel, Fadimatu, is forthcoming with Gooselane Editions in April 1992. She was a winner of The Malahat Review‘s 1991 Long Poem Contest for “With a Mother in Such Pain” and has appeared for the past two years in The Journey Prize Anthology.

Clélie Rich‘s poetry has appeared in Night Roses, Amaranth Review, z miscellaneous, and The Mythic Circle. She received an honorary mention in the Federation of B.C. Writers Literary Writes V contest, and she is currently editing a history of multiculturalism in Burnaby, B.C., for Burnaby’s Centennial year.

Jill Solnicki is working on her second book of poetry. Her first prose manuscript, The Real Me is Gonna be a Shock, has been accepted for publication by Malcom Lester Publishing for his spring list.

Glen Sorestad is a well-known poet from Saskatoon; his most recent volume of poems is West Into Night.

Patricia Stone‘s first collection of short stories, Close Calls, was published last year by Cormorant Books to favourable reviews, and her story “Living on the Lake” (The New Quarterly, Fall 1990) was included in The Journey Prize Anthology. She is taking a leave of absence from teaching to complete a second collection, Silhouettes. A third collection plus a drawerful of half-completed novels await her attention.

Don Summerhayes has published at one time or another in most Canadian magazines. He has two collections in print: Winter Apples (The Studio Press) and Heavy Horse Judging (Thistledown Press).

Calvin White has had poetry published in many journals, including The New Quarterly. In November several of his poems appeared in an anthology from Kabnalka Press entitled Fat Mom. Currently he is doing a lot of performance work.

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