TNQs (Say it Three Times Quickly)

The New Quarterly, as always, is grateful to the institutions and individuals who support our work: to St. Jerome’s University which houses us; to the University of Waterloo in conjunction with the Ontario Student Assistance Program for paying our student interns; to St. Jacob’s Printery for services various; to our Board of Directors and our many volunteers extraordinaire, both in the editorial ranks and in the office; to Carolyn & Bill Pegg for countless hours spent organizing and running charity bingo sessions on our behalf; to the funders of our contest prizes—the late Edna Staebler, the family of Nick Blatchford, and the English Department at St. Jerome’s University; to our funders at the national, provincial, and municipal level (listed on our masthead); and to the many readers, friends, and family who have made donations in the last year:

Dominique Anfossi, Veronica Austen, Anna Beard, Deborah Black, Barb Carter, Yvonne Chypchar, Charles Crockford, Rae & Barbara Crossman, Alannah D’Ailly, Evelyn Dekker, Mary Dever, Pamela Dillon, Jude Doble, Cynthia Flood, Keath Fraser, Georgina Green, Sarah Haney, Beverly Harris, Impresa Communications Ltd., Ahmed Jakda, Kim & Ed Jernigan, Patrick Jocsak, Anita Lahey, Ann MacKenzie, Colette Maitland, Louise MacCallum & Michael Barnstijn, Leila Merl, Heather Montgomery, Pamela Mulloy, Mary-Lynn Murphy, Catherine Muss, Susan Olding, Robbie Patterson, Susan Scott, Leah Schoenmakers, Rea Tarvydas, Christopher Taylor, Mary Thaler, Alister Thomas, Jean Van Loon, Logan Walsh, Thomas Wilhelm, Peter Woolstencroft, and those who wish that their donation remain anonymous.

All donations are gratefully received and go to support our publishing program. You may make your tax- deductible charitable donation online ( or drop a cheque in the mail.

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