Don’t Let Our Writers Cry Over Spilled Ink!

Spilled TNQ ink bottle. Art by Carey Jernigan

Don’t let our writers cry over spilled ink!

A single or monthly donation to The New Quarterly supports not only the work we publish, but all the years of correspondence, encouragement, and growing confidence on the part of both the writer and editor that this work is good, that it’s worth reading, and reading again.

Your contribution will go directly to supporting some of the best new writers in the country.

Did you know? The New Quarterly’s support for our writers doesn’t end with publication: lead editors get together every December to put forward their favourite TNQ pieces for further awards: in 2018 TNQ work has been submitted for National Magazine Awards in five categories, and the Journey Prize for short fiction.

What’s up for nomination this year?

NMAs (nominations announced April 26th, 2018)


  • Kathy Friedman “The Time That Remains” from Issue #141
  • Silmy Abdullah “Reflection
  • Kevin Shaw “Lend Me Your Ears” from Issue #142
  • Carleigh Baker “In A Canoe, Chasing My Métis Grandmother Like a Dummy” from Issue #143

Personal Journalism:

  • Jagtar Kaur Atwal “Finding My Voice” from Issue #142
  • Susan Olding “A Different River” from Issue #144

One Of A Kind

  • Michelle Kaeser “This Is a Love Story” from Issue #144



  • Sneha Madhaven-Reese “Three Poems” from Issue #141
  • John Barton “Three Poems” from Issue #142
  • Jen Sookfong Lee “But the Muscle Memory” from Issue #143
  • Evelyn Lau “Summer Solstice,” “Rooster,” “Earthworms” from Issue #143
  • Fiona Tinwei Lam “Two poems” from Issue #144


Journey Prize (longlist announced Summer 2018)

  • Liz Harmer “Never Prosper” from Issue #141
  • Alicia Elliott “Tracks” from Issue #141
  • Paige Cooper “Ryan & Irene, Irene & Ryan” from Issue #144


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