#Summer 20083

Issue 107

in which we crash the party of a famous flightless bird (can you spot him on the cover?), take over the drawing room and break out our favourite break-through stories.

On the Culture of Book Clubs

Rebecca Rosenblum: The Truth Is No Excuse

Fiction Writers With Style: A Salon des Refuses

#Other Issues3

Issue 106
Spring 2008

THE MONTREAL ISSUE: in which we turn twenty again, wax epicurian, ogle boys and bagels, visit a night zoo, reinvent the chair and shoot a noncoercive Communist. Welcome to the neighbourhood.

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Issue 108
Fall 2008

in which Andreae Prozesky makes good with poetry, Diane Schoemperlen takes a night flight, Heather Cadsby delivers a manifesto, and Terry Griggs decants some Joie de Viv.

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