#Fall 20233

Issue 168

WHEN INTELLIGENCE IS NOT ARTIFICIAL: in which we see signs of hope in a cantankerous mother, discover the economic precarities of the writing life, witness the complicated wonder of the Antarctic, and prepare for end times.


The Edna Staebler Personal Essay Contest

The Peter Hinchcliffe Fiction Contest



The Nick Blatchford Occasional Verse Contest

#Other Issues3

Issue 167
Summer 2023

CREATING TENSION: in which we cross the border at Checkpoint Charlie, impulse buy an old hotel on the Portuguese coast, give online dating a whirl, and learn about the precarities of sex and friendship in a fort in the woods.

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Issue 169
Winter 2024

CHANCE REUNIONS: in which we try to subvert a grocery store chain, fail to fully grasp Cantonese, escape our newborn child, and come to terms with addiction, again.

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