Fiona Lam’s Writing Space

Writing Spaces Once a week, I go to a cafe on Main and Broadway to write with my long-time friend, playwright Loretta Seto. Bean Around the World is right at the crossroads between the east and west side of Vancouver, and is easy to get to via the 99 B-Line bus. It's usually half-empty, so […]

What’s Bernadette Rule Reading?

One of my favourite writers is Anne Carson, particularly for Autobiography of Red, which is among my top ten favourite books. Even though I can’t always understand her, I find reading her instructive and inspiring. Before Christmas I was browsing in Hamilton’s wonderful used bookstore Westside Stories and found two Carson’s I hadn’t read before: […]

Launched: An Interview with Laura Rock Gaughan

Welcome to Launched! The Launched series focuses on new Canadian books by Canadian authors. In the first instalment, Carrie Snyder interviews Laura Rock Gaughan about her new book, Motherish.

Carrie Snyder in

An Inside Look at TNQ

Entering The New Quarterly office for the first time was nerve-wracking. I had no idea what to expect. All I knew was that my previous English teacher had worked with the publication, and that I would now be working there for the next five months. What I found was a welcome surprise; possibly the best […]

Emilie Huhse

Woman of the Drum: A Tribute to Jean Becker and Mino Ode Kwewak N’gamowak

Woman of the Drum For Jean Becker and Mino Ode Kwewak N’gamowak   Woman of the drum. You bend the hoop of your life around us. Woman of the drum. You shape teachings into circle wisdom. Woman of the drum. You stretch your laughter blue sky taut. Woman of the drum. You lace sorrow into […]

Rae Crossman

Why I Value The Humanities Wing

I find the work undertaken in this building inspiring and sustaining, and I find the building itself endlessly fascinating to wander and explore.

Daniel Scott Tysdal in

Ayelet Tsabari’s Writing Space

Writing Spaces When I was younger, I used to be able to write everywhere. Park benches, cafes, buses, in bed. Now, I need my own desk and chair, and I need them be just right. I want comfort, and I want to be surrounded by my things, photos of loved ones and art and quotes […]

What’s Maureen Scott Harris Reading?

Barbara Taylor. The Last Asylum. University of Chicago Press, 2014. A book I read earlier in the year that has lingered in my mind. In the 1980s, historian Barbara Taylor (born in Saskatchewan, now resident in the UK) published Eve and the New Jerusalem, a well-received study of 19th-century feminism and socialism. Taylor seemed on […]

What’s Maya Keshav Reading?

Who’s Reading What? Bonheur d’occasion, Gabrielle Roy I didn’t pick up this Montreal classic until I’d already left the city. As soon as I opened it, though, I was instantly transported back to the neighbourhood of Saint-Henri, and back in time to WWII. The novel follows a working-class Québécois family as they fall in love, […]

Frances Boyle’s Writing Space

Writing Spaces My writing space is – finally – relatively spacious. After our daughters moved out of the home we’ve lived in for 20+ years, my partner and I each took over one of their former bedrooms, abandoning the adequate but far from ideal office spaces we’d used for the first decade and a half […]