Launched: Out of Old Ontario Kitchens by Lindy Mechefske

Welcome to the latest instalment of Launched, the series with the scoop on new books by Canadian authors. Lindy Mechefske is a Kingston-based writer whose new book, Out of Old Ontario Kitchens, came out in 2018. It is the latest in a provincial series published by Nova Scotia-based MacIntyre Purcell. Her previous books are Sir […]

Laura Rock Gaughan in

Finding the Form with Brent van Staalduinen

Welcome to the first installation of "Finding the Form." In this new series, contributors share how they found and developed the creative form for their recent work in The New Quarterly. You can find Brent van Staalduinen's "Gone Supernova" in Issue 149. First, a confession: “Gone Supernova” began its life as a commissioned piece for another […]

What is Mohamad Kebbewar Reading?

I recently finished reading Pablo Neruda Abscence and Prescence by Poirot. It was a fantastic read with photos of the poet’s home. It was a profound experience to read Neruda especially when he experienced similar political instability in his country and as a poet as I do here in Aleppo. On Writing by Stephen King […]

Richard Kemick’s Writing Space

My partner and I live in a small apartment in the town of Rossland, BC. I picked up the faux-wood desk at a Salvation Army and have commandeered a corner of our faux-granite countertop. Out the window is both the encircling mountain range (which reminds me to take our dog, Maisy, for some snowshoeing) and […]

Sarah Totton’s Writing Space

In my last apartment, I would write in a tie-dyed beanbag chair on the floor or in a wooden-backed chair at my desk (the same desk in the photograph). It was a studio apartment on the top floor of a 144-year-old heritage building with four enormous windows. The temperature regularly went above 30 degrees in […]

Mohamad Kebbewar’s Writing Space

When I lived in Vancouver and Calgary I used to write in coffee shops because I find white noise to be very inspiring. I’m now in Aleppo for a couple of months visiting my parents and witnessing the destruction of the old city. I write in my office because writing in coffee shops can be […]

Jenny Boychuk’s Writing Space

When my mother passed away suddenly a few years ago, I was just finishing a post-graduate fellowship at the University of Michigan, where I’d completed my MFA. I had no idea what I was going to do next, so I thought I’d go home to Blind Bay, B.C. and spend the summer with my father. […]

What is Jody Baltessen Reading?

Two books I’m reading now are David Kishik’s The Manhattan Project: A Theory of a City, and Layli Long Soldier’s Whereas: Poems. In The Manhattan Project, Kishik employs the ghost of Walter Benjamin – The Arcades Project, a fragmented chronicle of 19th century Paris – to ghostwrite the story of New York City through the assembly of bits of text, quotations and […]

Marilyn Bowering’s Writing Space

Here, at my desk, standing on a treadmill, I am completely at home. I could start the treadmill and walk slowly—movement helps when I am writing poetry—but more often, I only stand and prop my elbows on the desk surface. In every work space I’ve had, I face a window. You cannot see the window […]

David Yerex Williamson’s Writing Space

I generally write two ways, in long hand and on my laptop. I take notes during my day, a snippet of a conversation, an image I see in my travels. I live in a rural remote community where the act of writing is not always seen, even less, understood. I take the notebook and at […]